Poster designer : Shrikant
Printing : Dnyan Sagar Litho Press,
Bombay 4


aar paar


Direction Guru Dutt

Guru Dutt (Kalu Birju), Shyama (Nikki), Johnny Walker (Rustom),
Shakila (Rita), Jagdish Sethi (Lalaji, Nikki's father)

Music / Lyrics

O.P. Nayyar /
Majrooh Sultanpuri

Photography V.K. Murthy

Guru Dutt Productions

aar paar

aar paar

aar paar



Comedy thriller

Guru Dutt and his cinematographer V.K. Murthy paint Bombay in the tones of the film noir to tell the story of a taxi driver, Kalu, who is sent to prison for speeding. Kalu comes out of the jail with a message from an inmate for gangster Captain. Kalu’s skills as car mechanic land him a job at Lalaji’s garage. Captain tries to lure Kalu into working for him as driver of a getaway car for a heist that Captain is planning.

• The film established Guru Dutt’s talent for shooting songs like poetry on celluloid. And V.K. Murthy’s work in light and shade became the hallmark of Guru Dutt’s classics.


aar paar