mr & mrs 55

Printing : Dnyan Sagar Litho Press,
Bombay 4


mr & mrs 55


Direction Guru Dutt

Guru Dutt (Preetam), Madhubala (Anita),
Lalitha Pawar (Sita Devi),
Johnny Walker (Johnny)

Music / Lyrics

O.P. Nayyar /
Majrooh Sultanpuri

Photography V.K. Murthy

Guru Dutt Films Ltd.




Social comedy

The rich Anita lives with her man-hating aunt. When Anita’s father dies, he leaves his wealth to her on condition that she must marry in order to inherit his wealth. Anita’s aunt who is against marriage and men, finds Preetam, a penniless cartoonist who agrees to enter a fake marriage with Anita and consents to divorcing her once Anita has inherited her father’s riches. Anita and Preetam marry. The inevitable happens and they fall in love.

• One of Indian cinema’s most delightful satires stars the beautiful Madhubala opposite Guru Dutt. Despite the caricatural feminist aunt, this is a little gem, and the most Hollywoodian of Guru Dutt’s films.