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An exhibition dedicated to the actor,
director and producer Guru Dutt
was held from September 20
to November 1, 2008
at the following address
Librairie Dominique Laucournet
13, rue Gît-le-Cœur - 75006 Paris
Tel. : 01 43 25 31 36


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Enigmatic Guru Dutt, The Complete Collection Commemorating 50 Years of Guru Dutt Films,
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Daily film news by an Indian professional website.

Relevant comments on a hundred Indian films by Philip Lutgendorf and Corey Creekmur, University of Iowa.

Guru Dutt


India Post issued a commemorative postage stamp 40 years after Guru Dutt's death.

This exhibition coincides
with Guru Dutt's 44th death anniversary,
which falls on October 10, 2008.



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Remembering Guru Dutt
by Nasreen Munni Kabir

Guru Dutt’s films are strong social statements spoken in whispers, showing a vision of a secular, modern India in which artists (as well as individuals who go against the norm) are seen to struggle against internal demons and powerful materialism. Unlike many Hindi films that are unevenly paced and performed, each component in a Guru Dutt movie is there to support the realism of the story, and that is perhaps...


Our way to Guru Dutt
by Sally et François Picard

We have been travelling regularly to India for 20 years but only saw an Indian film 5 years ago. On January 15, 2003, in Chennai, on the festival of Pongal, we asked our rickshaw driver to choose a film for us. He took us to Casino Cinema, where Varsham, a Telugu film was playing. We sat among the audience and as soon as the hero appeared on the screen, the crowd came alive. We were struck by the energetic dances and music and the camera work. But were all Indian films the same?